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12 Days of Christmas

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As part of our Contact Lens Wearer’s Winter Series, and with the Christmas season fast approaching, a number of unique advent calendars are beginning to fill supermarket shelves. Forget bite-sized chocolates, we’re popping open our miniature cardboard doors to reveal squares of cheese and tiny wine bottles...

It seems the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on, which got us at Waldo HQ thinking about what we’d love to wake up to this snowy season. You guessed it - what could be better than a daily dose of Waldo contact lenses? Not only do they offer optimum moisture, a super fine edge design and UV protection, but they’ll also help much-needed with facial recognition when your distant relatives spontaneously ‘pop by’ in the coming weeks - you’re welcome.

Below, we’ve put together a timeline to predict your upcoming 12 days of Christmas:

15th December

Come mid-December, presents will begin to gather under the Christmas tree and twinkling lights will be hung high across high streets, fuelling festive cheer across the country.

16th December

The date of your work Christmas party has finally arrived, an evening certain to fuel office gossip for months.

17th December

You’ve left all of your Christmas shopping until the last minute. Today will be spent hurling yourself around your local department store in a frantic despair, before purchasing 25 mini-christmas pudding key rings for various friends and family members.

18th December

Around the 18th, the email floodgates fly open for an unrelenting stream of emails detailing the ‘amazing year’ your relatives have had. 19th December: It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree! Great fun, although you’ll be collecting rogue tinsel pieces and pine needles for the rest of the month.

20th December

It’s officially time to turn the volume up on your Christmas playlist. The sweet sound of Mariah Carey, Michael Buble and Aretha Franklin will provide the soundtrack to every morning, noon and night in your abode - much to the kids’ despair.

21st December

You’ll attempt pre-making a Christmas day dessert and spend the rest of the week in deep regret, as it will take up an entire shelf of the fridge.

22nd December

Light the fire, break out the marshmallows - the annual ‘Christmas movie night’ has arrived.

23rd December

It’s all fun and games until the stress of Christmas prep begins to take it’s toll. Tonight you’ll consume an entire Cadbury’s selection box before 9pm and have to sheepishly replace it tomorrow, before anyone notices.

24th December

You’ll spend Christmas Eve with friends, drinking wine you can’t pronounce (before or after your fourth glass) and eating yourself into oblivion. It’s okay, you’ll work it off running around the kitchen tomorrow.

25th December

Hurray! Christmas day has arrived! Prepare to spend the majority of the day with your head lodged firmly inside either a) the Turkey, b) the oven or c) the fridge. Take your pick.

26th December

It’s Boxing Day - breathe. You’ve survived Christmas and now comes a day dedicated to consuming all leftovers and enjoying your various presents (or discreetly collecting receipts…)


As joyous as the holiday season is, it doesn’t come without it’s drawbacks. Forget ‘a partridge in a pear tree’ - we’re more likely to be sent a constant procession of flimsy Christmas cards and a common cold courtesy of diseased commuters. Regardless of how your ‘12 days of Christmas’ pan out, one thing is for certain - you can always kick off the day right by waking up to Waldo.

Waldo Contact Lenses: We're on a mission to make your mornings brighter, by delivering high quality daily contact lenses without the hassle or price tag. Designed for comfort, Waldo is designed with a super smooth edge to bring you maximum comfort and no friction.


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