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Contacts in time to travel

Contacts in time to travel

The safety measures surrounding Coronavirus have taken over a year to ease, which means that there’s a lot of catching up to do. Many of us have had to celebrate special occasions while in lockdown, but now is the time to make up for all of that. As you begin planning your first party, celebration or trip, be sure to pack your contact lenses for an easy, convenient and hygienic experience

How can I prepare for vacation?

Although the end seems to be near, it’s still essential to stay as safe as possible. As lockdowns slowly eases around the world, there are a few necessary precautions to take before booking a trip. Firstly, make sure that you are following any and all safety guidelines put in place by your travel destination’s government. This can take time, especially if you live in a region where vaccine appointments are unavailable or difficult to come by.

What if I don’t want to travel yet?

In the meantime, here are some mini vacation options to ease the travel bug until it is fully safe to travel again:

Want to go on a Meditteranean sea vacation?

Go to your local pool or beach instead! Pack a pair of Hydra Boost Lenses to wear after a long day in the water. For bonus points, make your own hummus and pita chips to snack on. 

Want to go on a New York City weekend vacay? 

Order a New York style pizza and watch your favorite New York City inspired movies instead! Some of our favorites include: 

  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Annie
  • When Harry Met Sally

For a true hotel experience, make it a sleepover with your closest friends. Be sure to pack your Hydra Boost lenses for the morning after. 

Want to go on a trip to sightsee in San Francisco?

Try a picnic with your close friends and family instead! Pretend that you’re in the famous Golden Gate Park while munching on a charcuterie board and chatting about your next big adventure. Make sure to wear Hydra Boost Lenses for UV protection and to ditch the hassle of glasses.

If none of these are your style of trip, try immersing yourself in your desired destination virtually. Learn about the culture, language, and any fun customs they have. You can even consider getting a penpal in the country to really learn what the destination is like as a local.

How else can I prepare my eyes for the end of lockdown?

We understand that over quarantine, many people stopped wearing their contact lenses, and might have forgotten how fresh and clean they felt everyday. While prepping for your next trip, pack a set of our Hydra Boost Daily Lenses to make your vision the last thing on your mind. 

If you previously paused your WALDO subscription, now is a great time to reactivate it. If you haven’t worn lenses in a while, it may take your eyes several uses before they are accustomed to them again. By starting now, you can give your eyes time to adjust before you use lenses for longer periods of time. 

If you try any of our mini vacation ideas, make sure to tag us on Instagram @waldocontacts

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