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Homeopath and Health Practitioner, Kylie Ward, on 'the matching game', homeopathy

Homeopath and Health Practitioner, Kylie Ward, on 'the matching game', homeopathy

Originating from Germany, homeopathy is now a well-recognised term across the globe. In an effort to explain the lesser known facts about the treatment, we spoke to Homeopath and Holistic Health Practitioner, Kylie Ward, about the wider benefits and why the practice can best be described as 'a matching game'. Plus, scroll to the bottom of the article to hear Kylie talk through the ingredients of our Hydration Drops, and how the use of natural active ingredients can benefit your eye health. 
Hey Kylie, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I live in Western Canada in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I have an Arts degree and a degree in Homeopathy. In addition to being a homeopath, I work with sound healing and am currently studying herbalism. I am the owner of This Remedy, an online homeopathic clinic and pharmacy and you can usually find me researching anything to do with the holistic approach to health and wellness. 
How long have you been a Homeopath and Holistic Health Practitioner?
I’ve been practicing homeopathy since I graduated in 2015 and launched This Remedy, my homeopathic remedy business, in 2018.
What drew you to homeopathy?
The more I learned about homeopathy, the more I started to understand the world and its behaviours.  Homeopathy reads like poetry to me. It defines our invisible energies and that which enlivens our interior. That together with the material organism, form our indivisible whole. I was drawn to the awareness of the holistic self when dealing with disease symptoms. The recognition of what causes susceptibility in some but not others, and the ability to strengthen vitality using merely potentized plant, mineral and animal substance. My first consultation with a homeopath produced what I would have described as miraculous results. It triggered my need to know more which led me to becoming a homeopath myself. It’s the greatest feeling to facilitate wellness through the use of homeopathy. 
For people who may not know a lot about homeopathy, can you explain how it works? 
In a nutshell, it’s a matching game. Homeopathy is based in what we call the Law of Similars. We take what’s called an individual symptom picture and match it with a remedy which carries a similar energy picture to the symptoms described. For example, Arnica- a widely used and recognized homeopathic remedy, helps heal sore muscles and bruising. When this remedy was taken by a group of healthy individuals during a double blind placebo proving, they reported sensations of brushing and sore muscles throughout their body. The remedy itself carries the energy of which it has the potential to alleviate. This Law of Similars is often explained as “like cures like”. 
Can you explain the leading ingredients in our Hydration Drops and their benefits?
I was pleased to see which remedies were utilized in the development of these hydration drops. Individually they all carry wonderful healing potential and together cover a broad spectrum of symptoms specific to the eyes. Conium Maculatum mainly targets light sensitivity and coincidently comes from the Compositae  family which is the same plant family as arnica, so we know this has some strengthening and endurance qualities as well. Conium is more specific to the eye so it was a perfect choice for eye drops. Natrum Muriaticum is a salt remedy. It helps with burning sensations, pain, soreness, strain and stinging. I love this remedy and it makes perfect sense to have a salt remedy in your eye drops considering what our natural tears consist of. Ruta addresses the symptoms of tired and sore eyes and any sensations of weakness from straining. It can help relieve pressure in and around your eyes and, as with Conium, helps to strengthen the eyes. Senega I consider an overall eye replenisher which is helpful after a long day in front of the screen. All of these remedies are in low potency, which makes the eye drops okay to use daily, as needed.
Our eye drops don’t contain any vasoconstrictors, but a lot of people still don’t know why it is important to avoid them. Can you give an overview?
I was so relieved to find eye drops without vasoconstrictors! Vasoconstrictors are generally used in eyedrops to make the eyes appear more white but what this entails is technically constricting the blood vessels and stopping blood flow to the surface of your eye. So while they may temporarily look white, they are being starved of blood and all of its nutrients, leading to further dryness. Instead of helping the situation, vasoconstrictors ultimately make things worse.
Why is homeopathy important when it comes to eye care specifically? 
Homeopathy strengthens our vitality and ultimately the body’s ability to recover and maintain balance within when faced with outside stressors. When specifically targeting the eyes, using Waldo’s Hydration drops, we are offering them that extra support so that rather than treat symptoms after they occur, through use of the eyedrops we can potentially eliminate them from happening in the first place. 
Thanks Kylie! 

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