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How long can you wear your contact lenses?

How long can you wear your contact lenses?

Whether you're a new contact lens wearer or a long term wearer, a common question which pops up is exactly how long can contact lenses be worn for? Here at WALDO, we're going to tell you so you can give your eyes the care they deserve.

Contact lenses can typically be worn for between 12-14 hours however this may vary depending on the person and your eye condition. For example, some people may be able to wear contacts for up to sixteen hours however others may only be able to manage eight hours due to individual factors such as dry eyes and their environment.

There are three types of soft lenses which are designed to be strictly worn for the following durations: 

Reusable daily wear lenses - Designed for being worn during the day and removed at night for cleaning. As long as these are cleaned effectively, then they can be worn repeatedly or the modality of the lens, usually bi-weekly, monthly and very occasionally annually. 

Disposable lenses - Daily disposable lenses can be worn during the day but must be discarded at night and not re-used. 

Extended-wear lenses - These lenses can be worn continuously for one-four weeks before being removed and replaced; however, opticians recommend that these should only be worn continuously for 6 nights to maintain the health of the eyes. 

It is important to note that the majority of contact lenses must not be worn overnight, as this can increase the risk of bacterial eye infections by 6-8 times. Falling asleep wearing contact lenses can also deprive the corneas of oxygen which can lead to inflammation, oedema, damage to the corneal which is vital for good vision, corneal ulcers (infectious keratitis) and in some cases, corneal neovascularization which is the growth of more blood vessels to supply oxygen to the cornea. 

The duration of advised contact lens wear can also depend on those who suffer with dry eyes. Due to the lack of moisture in the eyes, certain individuals may have to limit their contact lens use unless they decide to shop for contacts that are designed to help relieve dry, sore eyes and are beneficial for moisturising the eyes such as WALDO’s Hydra Boost Contact Lenses. In addition, for maximum hydration WALDO’s Hydration Drops can be used for added moisture and are compatible with contact lenses.

Our eyes are all unique and therefore, the question of ‘how long can you wear your contacts’ varies depending on the individual. 

According to WALDO’S inhouse optician, It is advised to stick to the wearing times given by your Optician as this has been based on the examination of your eyes. She also states that “keeping up to date with regular check ups ensures your eyes still look good. Wearing times can be affected by your environment and also by you, for example if you are dehydrated, or medications can make the eyes dry. Your eyes usually hint at how they are feeling”.

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