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Introducing 'Buy One, Give Vision' in partnership with Sightsavers

Introducing 'Buy One, Give Vision' in partnership with Sightsavers

We are proud to be partnering with Sightsavers to further pursue our mission of ending avoidable blindness and championing positive vision, with the launch of our ‘Buy One, Give Vision’ campaign. 

Together, we will be making contributions towards life-altering sight correcting procedures for those living with vision-related disabilities, including trachoma treatments, cataract surgeries and prescription glasses. 

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The Status of the World's Eye Health

Over 2 billion people in the world have a visual impairment, and of those, over 1 billion could have been avoided given proper timely treatment. Since optometric services are not always available or accessible, it’s often difficult to seek treatment, or to even know that you need treatment. Eye health is commonly seen as an afterthought, and not taken seriously until it is causing serious impediments on everyday tasks. By that point, the condition can be contagious or at a severe state.

Without help, the downward spiral that many communities face continues to prevent people who need help from getting it. With infectious conditions like trachoma, exponential spread can occur, causing travesty and shock to local communities. This can cause generations of harm as many workforces could be left unable to work and at a mass level, economic growth may be stunted. 

In partnership with Sightsavers, we will be doing our best to make a difference by helping to deliver sight-saving treatments to areas most at risk, and we expect to be able to donate four and a half million dollars ($4,500,000) to Sightsavers by the end of 2025. 

About Sightsavers

Sightsavers has a long history of helping communities in need. What is often overlooked is the greater impact that one individual’s reclaimed sight can make on their communities. Improved vision can create a domino effect to increase opportunities for education and employment, which often leads to innovation and higher qualities of life.

Already, Sightsavers has partnered with various local governments to provide over 1.24 billion treatments to prevent debilitating diseases in over 30 countries. Since being founded in 1950, their mission to advocate for disability rights has led to their global recognition as an industry leader in ending avoidable blindness and status as an Independent Research Organization (IRO) status. As one of the only non-governmental organizations to have this status, they are able to conduct community-based participatory research to break down the exact barriers that block low-income communities from the healthcare they deserve. 

With the help of their local, regional and national partners, they are able to distribute treatments to the most vulnerable communities around the world. They do this by providing education to local eyecare workers and surgeons to treat various sight-saving treatments within their communities.

Their tireless work towards ending avoidable blindness and advocating for disability rights has been truly inspirational. Together, we hope to inspire the change that we wish to see.  

Our 'Buy One, Give Vision' promise

Your WALDO purchase will fund life-changing sight correcting procedures for those living with vision-related disabilities.

By enrolling onto one of our contact lens subscription plans, with each year that you’re with us, you'll be providing a much-needed cataract surgery to an individual who would otherwise be at risk of blindness.

With regards to our Hydration Drops, we'll deliver a sight-saving trachoma treatment to somebody in need, with every bottle purchase.

Lastly, we'll fund the cost of a pair of prescription glasses for someone in need, for every pair of our Blue Light Glasses sold.

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