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Celebrating Pride at WALDO

Celebrating Pride at WALDO

Diversity, inclusion, and acceptance are important parts of our world. Whether at school, in the workplace, or on your favorite television show — recognizing and celebrating individuals as their authentic selves is always welcome. This is why at WALDO, Pride is one of our favorite annual celebrations.

This year, the team honored lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, plus other gender and sexual identities, through collaborative efforts we thoroughly enjoyed!

What is Pride?

In June, the world takes on a rainbow hue and an air of festivities through parades and marches in celebration of multifaceted orientations and genders.

But while rainbow flags and glitter bombs have become synonymous with Pride, it’s important to note that these festivities have political origins.

Pride is observed in commemoration of the Stonewall riots of June 1969. These riots were held in revolt against the oppressive treatments being given to people who appeared different (i.e not straight or strait-laced) during that period.

From the Manhattan Stonewall Inn, pride celebrations are now carried out all over the world with concerts, marches, and parades in Japan, France, Thailand, The U.S, England, and many others.

How The Team Celebrated Pride

In support of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, the team at WALDO participated in two major events in celebration of Pride 2021.

Front Runner’s 10k Pride Run

Every year, the 10k Pride run is organized to raise money and awareness for a charity helping the LQBTQI+ community feel better accepted. 

Members of the WALDO team purchased tickets and participated in the flat, fast, three-lap 10k run which took place in Victoria Park in East London. 

For anyone looking to participate in a group 10k run, it’s important to remember to bring along sunscreen, some water, and plenty of team spirit!

Proceeds from the run were used to support the Micro Rainbow International Foundation as the selected charity of 2021.

The Micro Rainbow International Foundation is carrying out the important work of helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex people gain equal opportunity and access in the areas of employment, healthcare, financial benefits, housing, worship locations, public spaces, plus other forms of social inclusion.

Fundraiser for AKT

Our Pride celebrations were also made more colorful through team fundraising efforts for the Albert Kennedy Trust.

AKT is a charity dear to our hearts whose mission is helping to keep at-risk LGBTQI+ young people safe.

AKT provides support to members of the LGBTQI+ community between the ages of 16-25 who face serious challenges like homelessness or living in hostile and unsafe environments.

AKT achieves its mission by placing community members in safe homes, providing jobs, and educational opportunities for them, as well as assisting with training openings for self-improvement.

10k Daily Steps 

The team really kept things moving during Pride, and one notable way we did this was to encourage colleagues to take 10k daily steps in celebration. Team members had an optional 10k daily walking target, making June one of our fittest months yet!

At WALDO, we recognize the importance of feeling safe and important in your community, much like Pride encourages. As big supporters of diversity and the normalization of the LGBTQ+ identity, we’ll be seeing you at next year’s Pride celebrations!

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