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Up your eyecare game with our newly launched Eyecare Starter Kit

Up your eyecare game with our newly launched Eyecare Starter Kit

Looking for an affordable way to upgrade your eyecare routine? Meet our Eyecare Starter Kit. Newly launched and ready for your bathroom cabinet, the set includes a range of premium items totalling a value of $50. This week, our Eyecare Starter Kit hit our site for just $7. Here's the kit unpacked:

10 days worth of Hydra Boost Daily Lenses

These signature WALDO lenses are our pride and joy. From day 1, we’ve been proud of these high-moisture, ultra comfortable lenses that provide breathability, UV protection and high-moisture for all day comfort. 

1 full-sized bottle of Hydration Drops

These plant-based drops support your eyes’ natural ability to produce tears, and are made with 100% natural active ingredients. Keep them on hand for when your eyes feel dry, tired or strained for a quick pick-me-up. Unlike many other eye drops on the market, we designed our Hydration Drops’ bottle to reduce product waste by being fully recyclable. 

1 premium toiletry bag

We’re all about multi-functionality, so feel free to repurpose this branded, zip up toiletry bag on your next vacation. Just don’t forget to pack your daily lenses! 

After purchasing this kit, you’ll be automatically signed up for quarterly subscription boxes of our Hydra Boost Lenses. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time for any reason. Our excellent customer support team is always available to answer any questions. 

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