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Summertime eyecare made simple, for World Optometry Day

Summertime eyecare made simple, for World Optometry Day

This World Optometry Day, we’re focusing on caring for our eyes while we enjoy our outside world. Summertime is be great for many reasons - barbecues, picnics, and enjoying outdoor sports with friends - but it’s important to consider how best we can look after our eyes during alfresco activities. Today, we’re sharing some reasons why dailies are the way to go (especially for allergy sufferers and those going on vacation), right in time for the summer season. 

What kind of lenses are best for long summer nights?

Summer nights can be filled with adventure, but going out with friends, watching fireworks, and taking long afternoon strolls can be draining. In light of this, it’s worth considering which lenses are best to use in order to speed up your nighttime routine. While monthly or weekly lenses require a tiresome and costly procedure of saving and sterilizing the lenses before you use them next, daily disposable lenses can simply be thrown out at the end of the day. We recommend finding lenses that you can recycle at the end of your use. 

How can you conveniently travel with contacts?

Traveling with contact lenses requires a bit of extra caution. In order to take the work out of pre-travel prep and during-travel tasks, a switch to daily disposable lenses can free up a lot of your vacation time. Instead of heading home after a long day traveling and having to take care of your lenses, daily lenses offer the convenience factor of being able to discard them at the end of each day - you can throw them out (or recycle them)! Plus, if your lenses rip while on your trip, you can just pop open a new daily one, without having the loss of breaking your monthly lenses on day one. 

When traveling on flights, rest assured that your lenses will pass through security seamlessly. Since you don’t have to carry around bulky bottles of contact lens solution, you can keep all of your eyecare goods with you in-flight. 

Does allergy season affect which contact lenses you should use? 

Daily contact lenses can be a lifesaver during the spring and summer months. For those who suffer from allergies, dailies are the most hygienic options on the market. By using a new pair every day, the risks of contaminating your lenses are minimised, and you can get that new, fresh contact feeling with every use. 

Looking for a bonus burst of hydration?

In order to stay hydrated while travelling on planes, and across different climates, always have eye drops handy! Traveling on planes can give your eyes a real shock and dry them out unexpectedly - the air used on flights only has about 20% humidity according to the World Health Organization (compared to a normal 30-50% on land). When you start to feel any dryness or irritation, whether wearing contact lenses or not, give your eyes a couple of drops each (just make sure they’re compatible with contact lenses before using). 

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