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Sunshine and sunglasses, on us

Sunshine and sunglasses, on us

Summer is in sight! In true sunny spirit, we're brightening up your lens boxes for the foreseeable future with a pair of sunglasses, on us. Lightweight and scratch resistant, your new sunglasses have been built to block damaging UV rays and are the perfect eyecare accessory for a season spent outdoors. 

Why WALDO sunglasses?
If you're facing the sunshine and are already equipped with WALDO Daily Contact Lenses, rest easy knowing our unique contact lens composition will safely shield your eyes from sun damage with both UV-A and UV-B protection, however your new WALDO sunglasses will take summer eyecare a step further by protecting the skin around your eyes, too. 
The delicate area of skin around our eyes is often compromised when it comes to sun protection, since it's important to avoid applying sun lotion too close to our eyes due to risk of pain, infection or irritation. As a result, sometimes we miss protecting this area of our face altogether. This behaviour can take its toll on our skin's appearance. How? Our skin gradually loses elasticity and natural collagen as we age, and gravity doesn’t help our cause either. Collagen is a “structural support” in our skin, and it breaks down as we get older, so skin is less firm and plump, and begins to sag. The skin underneath our eyes is particularly sensitive - it’s much thinner than the rest of the skin on our bodies - that’s why it’s so prone to dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. By ensuring we're equipped with UV-blocking sunglasses that protect our delicate skin from damaging rays, we'll be doing the appearance of our eyes a huge favour in the long-term. 
What's more, we've designed our Blue Light Glasses with summer in mind. All of our styles have also been built to provide 100% protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, meaning as long as you're in our frames, you're covered. 

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