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The Visionaries: Introducing Alex Murphy

The Visionaries: Introducing Alex Murphy

Introducing award winning figure skater, Alex Murphy.

Since squeezing into her first pair of skates aged 2, Alex has been gracefully gliding to the top of the professional figure skating world - both figuratively and literally. The talented skater's hard work, determination and extraordinary natural ability mean she’s had a steady stream of awards and TV appearances come her way. However, despite her unfaulted success rate, her career came to a grinding halt in 2013 when she fell victim to a life-threatening stroke whilst on board Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship. After being rushed to undergo emergency heart surgery, Alex credits skating itself for getting her back on track within just 3 weeks.

Today, the Dancing on Ice professional is a prominent figure on our TV screens, but few are aware of the struggle Alex has pushed through to achieve what she has to date. This skating superstar is proof that the power of visualisation is an extraordinary force and for that reason, it’s our honour to count Alex a Visionary.

Watch her story below.




Twitter/Instagram: @almurph18

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