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WALDO's Style Pick for the Fall Season

WALDO's Style Pick for the Fall Season

The days are getting shorter and colder which means it’s time for our annual autumn style wardrobe revamp approaching the fall season. With swapping sandals for boots and colourful clothes for dark, our tortoiseshell Blue Light Glasses - as seen in Refinery29 - make the perfect add-on accessory. We often forget that the smallest of details are sometimes what really enhances an outfit. Optical glasses are an easy way to top off any look and with a variety of WALDO frames to choose from, it is easy to find a great look to suit everyone.

Tortoise frames have been on trend for the past century and their popularity has continued to grow over the years for both glasses and sunglasses. Combined as a mixture of mottled yellow, brown, black and honey tones - this shell design can be styled by both men and women and is able to complement all complexions and facial features. Tortoiseshell is a timeless classic worn by many famous faces such as Brad Pitt and Katy Perry and style icons such as Kate Moss.

There is a range of three different stylish frames to choose from when browsing WALDO’s tortoiseshell Blue Light Glasses which include, Murphy; a rounded lens frame with a gently curved browline, Knox; rounded frames with a softly curved bridge and Nikka; sleek and stylish squared lenses.

Our non-prescription Blue Light Glasses have been specifically designed to block the highest frequency of harmful blue light meaning reduced risks of eye strain, sleep disruption and screen-induced headaches. Living in a world full of prolonged daily exposure to screens used on mobile phones, computers and TV’s, Blue Light Glasses are crucial in reducing excessive blue light exposure and minimizing the chances of negative eyesight health implications. 

With a complimentary case and cleaning cloth, these scratch-resistant Blue Light Glasses also feature adjustable acetate frames and are made from renewable resources and biodegradable materials.  In addition, for every pair of Blue Light glasses you purchase you’re funding the cost of a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need as part of Buy One, Give Vision partnership with Sightsavers - making this, in our eyes, a win-win. 

Team these with jeans for a casual look or a dark solid colored winter outfit for a chic style that allows them to stand out. It doesn’t matter what style you choose to go for as this pattern is timeless and is guaranteed to work with everything in your new seasonal winter weather wardrobe. 

Purchase your WALDO Blue Light Glasses here

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