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Why are contact lenses so expensive?

Why are contact lenses so expensive?

To put it bluntly, on average we’ve been spending up to $250 extra on our contact lenses every year - unnecessarily. That’s enough for a holiday, a new watch or a very successful shopping trip. Frustrating, right? 

For so many years, we’ve listened to professionals who’ve confidently directed us towards contact lenses with eye-watering price tags, meaning our annual spend on eye care has gone through the roof. Why? Because we need them. We’d walk into doors, lampposts and strangers on the street without them. They’re a daily enabler we, and half the population, would struggle to manage without. 

But we’ve never asked the question, what makes our lenses so expensive? For such a necessary product, why is it that only some of us are able to afford premium eye care, and others are forced to compromise their eye health with cheaper alternatives? 

As it happens, we asked this same question 2 years ago, and the answer we got was infuriating. 

Basically, contact lenses are expensive because our money is going to places (and people) it shouldn’t. The contact lens market is dominated by big pharmaceutical companies. These organisations have complex distribution processes, and a lot of the time third party companies are in charge of the distribution between the customer and the manufacturer or brand. Ultimately, this means that we, the lens wearers, are left with a product which is too expensive, because everyone is taking a cut. 

These high prices have left wearers like us with a tricky choice: either overpay for our contacts or overwear them to save money, risking eye damage.

So, that’s where we drew the line. The complex distribution cycle that had long been taking advantage of lens wearers was now confirmed to be an outdated, nonsensical process, and we knew we deserved better. So, we decided to do something about it!

Enter, Waldo. A modern day eye care brand, and an altogether more forward-thinking, considerate approach to optical health. As part of our mission to give lens wearers the eye care attention they deserve, we’ve created a completely streamlined service that delivers premium quality lenses straight from our world class manufacturer straight to consumers’ doors - no interruptions. 


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