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At Waldo we are on a mission to give you the highest quality contacts without the hassle or the price tag.

We believe

... in simplicity. We knew that contact lenses didn't need to be so expensive. And we embarked on a mission to find a way to simplify the contact lens process for ourselves and our customers. So we created Waldo: the ultimate destination for premium, effortless, affordable vision.

A new way of looking at things

By selling directly to you online, you're able to clearly see the savings while still feeling the quality. We save you money by taking less margin on our products and removing the complex distribution in the industry. That means you still get the best product, without the cost.

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A happier experience

With registered opticians in house and a customer service team waiting to talk to you, we aim to be the company that doesn't add to your to-do lists but ticks things off. Eye-care should be a fun and positive experience, not a chore. That's why we talk about seeing happiness.

What sets us apart


By simplifying our distribution channels and taking less margin on our contacts, we are able to pass savings onto you without ever compromising on quality or service.

Highest quality lenses

Our contacts are medically endorsed and our manufacturing process is transparent. We only work with the best to ensure we deliver you top quality lenses.


We remove the hassle by delivering your lenses to you as you need them. Gone are the days of running out of and over wearing your lenses.

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Our factories

We have partnered with an internationally recognized and certified supplier. From our 'Super Fine Edge Design' which ensures maximum comfort and low friction to UV protection, we've worked hard to make sure our lenses are the very best quality.