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Really good quality. I live in Arizona so it’s pretty dry and my contacts stay in. They feel great and I love how they are so cost effective.
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Great product! I have super dry eyes, but I am able to wear the contacts comfortably. The customer service has been prompt and polite. I highly recommend!!
Merilee Adams
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My shopping experience with WALDO has been great from the start. I have tried nearly every other daily contact subscription service and this one is the best so far.
T Roberts
Business Insider Quote

"WALDO sells daily contact lenses online, but for less than the big brands. The lenses are delivered to customers' doors within 48 hours, in compact, chic and recyclable packaging."

GQ Quote

"The tailored prescription contacts can be delivered on demand or on a monthly basis, making it the perfect hassle-free option."

Forbes Quote

"WALDO's emphasis on quality is a distinguishing factor: the company offers lenses that are higher in moisture content and low in friction, provide UV protection and allow more oxygen to the eye, priced at 40-50% lower than competitors."

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