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The Visionaries

Welcome to 'The Visionaries' - a collection of short films telling the stories of extraordinary individuals who've achieved monumental success through the power of visualisation, hard work and determination.


"The drive now is to show stroke survivors that they can do what is completely unexpected of them"


Alex Murphy

Professional Figure Skater
Since squeezing into her first pair of skates aged 2, Alex has been gracefully gliding to the top of the professional figure skating world - both figuratively and literally. The talented skater’s hard work, determination and extraordinary natural ability mean she’s had a steady stream of awards and TV appearances come her way.
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"It's really about me working hard to make that dream a reality - the Olympics are in my sights."


Stacia Suttles

Team USA Boxer
Thriving as an outsider, after just one year of training at her local gym in the Bronx, New York, Stacia Suttles would go on to be named a finalist of the 2015 New York Daily News Golden Gloves at the Barclays Center - considered one of the most elite Golden Glove titles by many boxing aficionados. Today, the extraordinary talent has the Olympics in her sights.
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"The best advice I can give is be fearless, and enjoy every moment. Enjoy all the little steps, because it's all part of the journey."


Nikkita Chadha

Dancer, Actress, Model
At only 25 years old, Nikkita Chadha has climbed the entertainment world’s notoriously steep ladder in high gear. Having already danced, acted and modelled alongside some of the world’s biggest names on both the small and big screen, Nikkita’s vision for success is clearly indestructible. Well on her way to becoming one of the best in the business, we were thrilled to sit down and learn about her journey from dance class to world class.
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"Everybody wants the view from the mountain but the work to be done is down in the valley."


Knox Robinson

Runner, Writer, Coach
Runner, writer, and running culture trailblazer Knox Robinson has done it all - from founding his own running club to leading the people of NYC around the city’s most impressive undiscovered running routes - you name it, he’s done it (and most likely run it, at top speed). Knox’s influence in promoting running as a physical voice - one we as human beings have been practicing for over 85,000 years - means he’s become a true visionary in the athletic space.
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